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Our Story

For Goodness Sake


Fresh. Nutritious. Delicious.

Think back to your childhood days, imagine yourself running back into the house after an active afternoon. Reaching your hand to the fridge handle door, you quickly open it up and grab that freshly squeezed juice taking a big gulp down.

Fast forward to today. These drinks continue to remain very much a part of our weekly grocery lists. The sad difference? They are no longer fresh, full of sugar, and topped off with tons of ingredients that cannot be pronounced.

This is where we come in, Perfectly Pressed Juices, and Nut Milks. The new kid on the block is here and using a revolutionary juicing process! Conventional juicing uses a mechanism that produces heat, which damages vital enzymes and much-needed nutrients in our fruits and vegetables. Why are these enzymes so important? Well, that’s because they are essential for optimal health and aid in fighting chronic diseases.

We have personally experienced the benefits of juicing. These benefits include mental clarity, increased energy, clearer skin, and a more robust immune system.

Let us inspire you to lead a healthier and happier life.

Our Story


Perfectly Pressed was Born!

After many long hours in the kitchen, looking for the perfect combinations of juices and nut milks, Perfectly Pressed was finally ready for their first debut at Bahrain’s much-loved Nest 338 Outdoor Market.

We sold out in a matter of hours!